The passion of the NAfME membership fully drives the institution’s advocacy and public policy work. Throughout the process of pursuing ESEA reauthorization, NAfME members sent over 20,000 letters to Capitol Hill in support of including a stand-alone listing for music. Those letters mattered. That passion resonated. Music education is serious business on Capitol Hill now, and music educators are the reason.

With the amazing passage of the “Every Student Succeeds Act”, NAfME and our State Music Education Association (MEA)’s advocacy focus and mobilization shifts to State level and local efforts.  We need knowledgeable and engaged members, advocates, acting as an ever growing, yet unified voice, each leveraging personal connections and influence to achieve results.  The ongoing goal is to provide access to a quality music education for all children. 

  • Members only access to training and resources enabling members to become effective advocates achieving documented results.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest proposals and educational policy from the state Department of Education, and Capitol Hill.
  • NAfME provides research and analysis to guide and support our policy positions.
  • Implement the 2014 Music Standards to cultivate a student’s ability to carry out the three artistic Processes of creating, performing and responding.
  • Learn more about the broader minded™ movement and show members of your community how music’s demonstrative impact extends far beyond the classroom.
  • Connect with your elected officials, and take action.