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Where music educators belong.


The National Association for Music Education and the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association form the largest community of professional music educators in the country. NAfME and PMEA work with local administrators and elected officials to ensure access to the best possible school music programs, and advance music education as a profession. We support quality music instruction in Pennsylvania from early childhood through college, and work to foster a better understanding of music’s important role in educating the whole child.

As a member, you will discover new ways to share the gift of music — through our many professional development programs, initiatives and resources. You will also exchange ideas with music educators from around the state and the country to help each other’s students excel. And you’ll be part of our efforts to advocate for excellence in music instruction.

If making the most of your career is important to you, then membership in NAfME and PMEA should be a part of it. Become a member of your professional association – and start taking advantage of the many benefits of membership.

Sample General Music Lesson Plans:

Sample 1: Two Hazy Shades of Winter

Sample 2: Chatter with the Angels – Beginnings of Basic Rhythm Recognition

Sample 3: 2016 Concert for MIOSM Selection: Enter With Singing

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